Shakespeare around the globe

The performance of a short scene from William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest addressed challenges of both the 17thand 21st century such as globalisation, global trade and colonialism. The modern performance (using a modern and simplified script written by the students themselves) illustrated that various topics and difficulties addressed by Shakespeare in 1613 still hold true nowadays. The costumes, stage props and scenery were created sustainably and in an ecologically friendly manner by the students in advance (re-using of old clothes, recycling of plastic bottles as well as cardboard etc.), thus transferring the play into modern times and giving it a more modern visual appearance and highlighting the effects of our throwaway society. 

Some students put on make-up and the elaborate costumes while others prepared the stage and the props. They were assisted not only by the teachers participating in the project, but also by two professional actors who showed them exactly what to do on stage. The performance was then filmed from different angles and will be cut and edited for the next meeting in Germany.

preparatory work

Before the meeting there was a work shop for German students in order to create the costumes.

The historical context
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The Tempest
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Prologue and Epilogue
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