Food waste and water

Students prepared presentations about food waste and food loss, which were presented to all partner schools' teaching staff and students at the LTA in Lamego, Portugal,on 19th February 2019.

Students have been working on the topics of using water and food waste. Some of the tasks they have to carry out for the LTT in Lamego are: 
  • - two presentations: one about Food Loss and Food Waste, and the other one about Water Consumption; 

    -  a diary about water consumption and a diary about food waste at home;

    - an infographic how to save water,;

    - personal statements (videos) about water consumption.

The diarys were saved as a padlet.
During the meeting in Germany students worked on the topic virtual water and created storyboards and presentations.


Food waste Germany.pptx
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food waste Latvia.ppt
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food waste Portugal.pptx
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food waste Spain.pdf
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zero waste.pptx
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Survey results
Survey food.xlsx
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