Erasmus+ meeting in Riga

Students gave the following feed back:

We had a great week in which wem ade new friends from other countries and we worked in groups with them. We also learned their culture and improved our English skills. Our hosts were nice and showed us their home country. We learned the history of Latvia and we saw some monuments. The architecture was amazing and our favourite was the Rundāle palace. Latvia full-filled our expections.


In the future it would be cool to do more groupworks and have more mixed groups from different countries so we can improve our English skills and prevent to speak only with people from our own country. With more mixed groups we would be able to meet more people.


António, Katrīna, Ralfs, Hannah




The thing I like the most was my visiting tours in Riga on Tuesday with Sandis‘ family. We visited the old centre oft he city and we visited a strange musuem with some interesting things inside. And I saw a lot of buildings constructed 100 years ago.


We liked Wednesday exkursion. Weh ad a lot of fun. We learned the castles and their history. We liked Latvian food. We liked the group work on Thursday. We liked learning about each other.


I liked staying in my host family and I liked the school and the food. For the future we would like to have more excursions, more time to get to know each other. We would like to learn more about sustainability. We would like to work together and include technology. We would like to visit different countries for a longer time. We would like to learn more about travel, recycling, water, food waste, technologies.


Lina, Flavius, Karlīna, Agnija, Diāna




Expected to be really cold. The food is great. Beautiful monuments. Beautiful architecture. Expected to be friendlier and not in small groups. The program needs a structure.


See more everyday life. Have more excursions Do more active things. Make something together. We could teach our guests some traditional activities.


This was a great week and weh ad a good time with our guests/hosts. We expected a little bit more group work. For our guests it was pretty boring during lessons because the teachers don’t speak English and our guests just sit there.


We would want: a lot more group work; more practical work; see more everyday life; more fun/adventurous stuff.


Positive: food, landmarks, Riga, nice families, feels like home, typical songs, sports


Negative: It’s getting dark more earlier in autumn and winter: Water flavours;


Wish: Spend more time with the projects and try to talk more with Erasmus+ partners during lessons.


Ideas: I would like to learn traditional songs and sports. Also I would like to learn to prepare and cook some traditional food.